Update December 17

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New ALBUM 'Finalmente Piove'...Release February 12th !
The new VideoClip is HERE

The most direct contact is to face the audience, there are huge requirements for a Live.

I wanted to build an acoustic Album, with an orchestra, and give my best, I wanted to give a warmer sound and i found a production team to carry out my wishes. Each point has been shared and agreed.


Valerio Scanu was born on April 10th, 1990, in the town of La Maddalena, the largest town in the archipelago of the same name, north of Sardinia, known for the beauty of the sea along its northeastern shore.

Due to the involvement of his parents in local shows and exhibitions, Valerio was nurtured and encouraged in his singing career from a very young age without having to leave his studies and acquired the basics of the trade and the control of his voice.

At the age of eight, during a small, local festival, someone performed the title song from the movie TITANIC, and during the discussion, this small kid with his self-confidence , declared : ...I sing it better than him !

Someone challenged Valerio to sing amongst the assembly, so with his already confident and mischievous little smile, he went up on the stage.

From that day on, this little boy's confidence grew and he began receiving recognition and acclaim for his grown-up voice.